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Using our state-of-the-art technology, we can produce photographs to meet UK Passport Agency requirements and sizes for other Visa applications and ID Badges.
Just call in to our Pharmacy on Keighley Road, Colne, and our friendly, professional staff will take your picture and process it whilst you wait.
We are able to take pictures of people of all ages, from adults to newborn babies who are now required to have their own passport.

UK Passport photo requirements

The following is taken from and explains the rules and requirements for UK Passport Photographs:

If you need to send in photographs for a passport application, make sure they meet all the rules to avoid delays in your application.

You must send 2 identical photos when applying for a passport.

Rules for photos

Photos must be professionally printed and 45 millimetres high by 35 millimetres wide - the standard size used in photo booths. You can’t use photos that have been cut down from larger pictures.

The photos

The photos must be:

  • in colour on plain white photographic paper
  • taken against a plain cream or light grey background
  • identical
  • taken within the last month
  • clear and in focus
  • without any tears or creases
  • unmarked on both sides (unless a photo needs to be countersigned)
  • unaltered by computer software

The image of you

Photos should show a close-up of your full head and shoulders. It must be only of you with no other objects or people.

The image of your head - from the crown of your head to your chin - must be sized between 29 millimetres and 34 millimetres deep (see examples below).

Your photo may be rejected unless it shows you:

  • facing forward and looking straight at the camera
  • with a neutral expression and your mouth closed
  • without anything covering the face
  • in clear contrast to the background
  • without a head covering (unless it’s worn for religious or medical reasons)
  • with eyes open, visible and free from reflection or glare from glasses
  • with your eyes not covered by sunglasses, tinted glasses, glasses frames or hair
  • without any shadows in the picture

Photos for child passports

Children must be on their own in the picture. Babies must not be holding toys or using dummies.

If the child is under 5, they don’t have to be looking directly at the camera or have a neutral expression.

If the child is under 1, their eyes don’t have to be open. If their head is supported by a hand, the hand mustn’t be visible in the photo.

Passport photos: dos and don’ts

Examples of passport photos - described in text above

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